Adobe Type Manager 4.0 problems

Adobe Type Manager 4.0 problems

a. Michael R. Young reports that, when he tried to install the new ATM Deluxe, he got an "invalid serial number" message. He writes: "I called Adobe yesterday, and finally got through to a tech support person who said there is a serial number issue with a batch of ATM Deluxe. She asked where I purchased it, saying they were trying to track the problem. She promised to call me back within a day with a working serial number."

Update: Ronald Bruck says that this problem may be limited to the educational version of ATM, not the retail version. He also says that if you have a serial number from a previous version of ATM, it should work with the new version.

b. Gary L. Gray says that, at least on his Mac (running System 7.5.5), when ATM Deluxe's "Enable Auto-activate" is enabled, Netscape 3.0.1 crashes almost immediately after the splash screen is displayed. "The ATM Read Me file says that enabling this feature will slow down the loading of some pages in Netscape, but it doesn't say anything about it causing Netscape to completely die!"

c. There may be a conflict between ATM 4.0 and MouseKey 2.0 (from Logitech, used with their Mac mice). The symptom is that, if MouseKey 2.0 is loaded, ATM 4.0 will not load. Logitech says that a work-around is to have MouseKey load after ATM. Weston Houghton writes that "I only noticed this with ATM 4.0 as installed by Acrobat Reader 3.0. I have not been able to test with ATM 4.0 Deluxe yet."

Update: Several users report no problem with this combination, with either version of ATM.

d. Finally, Thomas Richard writes that the most common symptom of the problem he had with ATM Deluxe (as reported previously) was Type 11 errors. Though several other readers report not having this problem at all, he is still convinced that ATM is the culprit on his Mac.



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