Adobe Photoshop 4.0.x problem with saving files across a Novell network

Adobe Photoshop 4.0.x problem with saving files across a Novell network

A reader, who is in charge of support of a network of more than 50 Macintoshes, writes that he has gotten "many complaints from users being unable to save their Photoshop 4.0.x documents to their server home directories or other directories they have write access to. This never occurred with version 3.0.5." They are running Novell 4.1 on a Compaq Proliant 4500 with 512 Mb RAM and 70 Gb Level 5 RAID disk space.

The reader says that he called Adobe about this and was told that "they are aware that this problem exists with Novell 4.0 and greater, but there is no plan for a solution and no work is presently being done to address this problem." The problem stems from the fact that Photoshop creates temp files and these must be written to the root level of the volume being saved to.

Adobe offered three possible work-arounds: 1) Have users save their work to a local hard drive and then use the Finder to copy the work to a server volume; 2) Use AppleTalk protocol to access server volumes; or 3) Grant users write access to the root levels of server volumes.

Update: Anthony D. Trumbo reports having essentially the same problem with Adobe's PageMill 2.0.

Update: Turns out this issue is discussed in detail a tech note (dated Feb 26) on Novell's web site. (Thanks, Christian De Lay.)

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