Adobe launches new product based on Alfresco

Adobe is using open source at the heart of a new application--and talking about it.

The newly revamped Adobe Share (beta) 1.3.5 is out today and is based on Alfresco, everyone's favorite open source ECM (enterprise content management) platform.

The latest version of Share offers PDF creation, updated Flash previews (supports full screen mode) and improved performance. The various rendition generations are based on Adobe LiveCycle, Creative Suite and other core technologies. Share also offers Web Services that developers could use to create desktop or online applications.

Why is this interesting?
- The fact that a bigCo like Adobe is publicly stating that they are using open source at the core of their products is fantastic (and we need alot more companies to step up publicly)
- Alfresco is proving that they (like other open source products) can go beyond an enterprise sale by doing embedded deals

Via: Note 19
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