Add more USB ports to your laptop with style

LaCie ships two new USB hubs, the Core4 and Core7, that offer portability, functionality, and style at reasonable prices.

With every new USB device I acquire, my desire for my Dell XPS M1330 laptop to have more than just two USB ports grows stronger. Perhaps now I can finally get my wish.

Tuesday, LaCie introduced two stylish USB 2.0 hubs, the Core4 and Core7, which seem like they will work well with laptops. Designed by Sam Hecht--an award-winning, U.K.-based, industrial designer--these two hubs offer functionality, portability, and style. Both come in a compact form factor, with cables tucked away when not in use.

The Core4 supports up to four USB devices, while the Core7 can handle up to seven. Both come with a Mini-USB male connector, which is the most popular connector for portable USB devices and will come in handy if you forget a USB cable.

The two hubs are also bus-powered, meaning they will work without a power adapter. However, you will need a power adapter if you use multiple bus-powered USB devices with the hubs; this is because a computer's USB port has only enough juice to power so many devices at a time.

The Core7 ships with a power adapter, but the Core4 doesn't; you can purchase one separately if need be. The Core4 comes in three different colors: warm gray, blue, and orange. The Core7 comes in warm gray only.

LaCie's Core4 and Core7 USB hubs are available now and cost $10 and $20, respectively.

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