Adaptec 2906 SCSI card does support both internal and external devices

Adaptec 2906 SCSI card does support both internal and external devices

Douglas Miles wrote to Adaptec to request information about their SCSI cards for the new blue and white G3s. He was particularly interested in whether the Adaptec 2906 card could be connected to both external and internal devices (a report here last time had said only external devices were supported). Douglas found that Adaptec's web page for the technical specs of the card stated that it supported both internal and external connections (although another Adaptec web page had indicated only external support). In any case, Adaptec replied:

The AVA-2906 does have internal and external connectors. It will support internal and external devices. The AVA-2906 adapter is a Fast SCSI-2 adapter that will support up to seven devices. It will transfer data at up to 10Mb/second across the SCSI bus and has an external DB25 pin connector and an internal standard 50 pin connector." [I have amended the previous item to reflect this.]

Update: An Adaptec press release confirms that the SCSI Card 2906 "supports both internal and external connections." However, Tim Norton informs me that the Mac compatible version of this card will have a slightly different designation (2906 AVH instead of 2906 AVA) and will not be out for another few weeks.

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