Activewear for the non-extremist

An LED hat for boomers and beyond


There are those who have an insatiable hunger for adventure, and then there are people like us. So for every item like the head-cam for extreme sports posted here, we feel obligated to offer a recreational item for those of us who are distinguished by our sloth-like nature. And in this case, that would be the "Lite and Motion Head Lite Cap."

Offered on the depressingly appropriate site FirstStreet--"for Boomers and Beyond"--this must-have accessory for adventurous shuffle-boarders features an LED lamp mounted on top of the cap, "making the wearer very visible to oncoming cars and very much aware of curbs, gopher holes and other impediments." It goes for $24.95, according to Red Ferret, which isn't bad considering that it has a built-in Medical Alert tag. (Nike, eat your heart out.)

But before any of you would-be mall walkers jump out a window, remember that it can always be worse. You could have a fan hat instead.

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