Acrobat Exchange minor glitch - and a work-around

Acrobat Exchange minor glitch - and a work-around

Michael Lewis writes of a problem with Acrobat Exchange (the PDF editor application): "I would get an unexpected quit error whenever trying to open a PDF document from the File menu. If I drag-and-dropped the PDF file onto the Exchange app, the document opened with no problem." Adobe confirmed this problem and offered a work-around: "Open the General Controls control panel and select anything other than 'Documents folder' in the Documents section of the panel." It worked.

Option-drag from Launcher in Mac OS 8;
and dragging buttons in Mac OS 8
Option-dragging items from the Launcher window (to remove the item) has long been known to possibly crash your system. Yvon Couture reports that Apple's apparent fix for this in Mac OS 8 is to almost entirely disable this feature. That is, option-dragging no longer works at all - unless you drag the Launcher button icon directly to the Trash. However, Kirke Lawton reports even this still crashed his Radius 81/100 clone.

Update: It appears that only option-dragging to the desktop no longer works. For example, you can still option-drag to the HD icon or to a folder. (Thanks, Jeremy Tinley.)

Speaking of dragging, don't forget that you can drag the button icons in Mac OS 8's new Button view. Just grab them by their name rather than the button icon itself. (Thanks, James Centerstam.)


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