AC/DC Pinball, for those about to rock

Finally, a pinball machine with balls.

Photo of the Stern AC/DC Pro Pinball machine.
The Stern AC/DC Pro Pinball machine is 250 pounds of blinking, blasting, rock/geek awesome. Stern Pinball

Have you ever tried buying an AC/DC album on iTunes? Don't bother. It's not there. Unlike those sellouts, The Beatles, AC/DC is too cool for that crap.

So what better way to honor the world's most tenaciously old-school rock gods than to give them their own pinball machine? I mean, it's about time someone showed The Who, that serious pinball geeks deserve a more rocking anthem than "Pinball Wizard."

The AC/DC Pro, currently in production by Stern Pinball, weighs in at a whopping 250 pounds, and can be yours for around $4,995.

Here's what you get (aside from a lifetime of rock geek cred):

  • One ramp-mounted magnetic diverter for cannon loading
  • High-definition color cabinet and decal artwork
  • Motorized rotating ball cannon, player controlled
  • Three "thunderstruck" standup targets with superbright flash lamps
  • Four "rock" standup targets (on right)
  • Lit start/fire cannon button with laser cut s/s trim plate
  • Back panel jukebox song selector with flashing red horns
  • Posi-lock ball ejector and electric top gate
  • Two molded superspeed ramps
  • TNT explosions in key locations
  • Two high-powered slingshots
  • Three superbright LED jet bumpers
  • One "greased lightning" spinning target
  • Traditional country-specific coin door
  • 8-inch cabinet speaker with bold, enhanced sound quality
  • QR codes
  • Molded "Hells Bell" toy, fixed, with standup target
  • Fixed TNT detonator
  • Band member display
  • Five AC/DC standup targets (on left)
  • Three TNT standup targets (center)
  • Black ABS lower arch
  • "Latch" lockdown bar

One of the coolest features here is the integrated jukebox, which pumps out a dozen AC/DC tunes courtesy of an 8-inch speaker mounted inside the machine. So, it's like two man-cave essentials all in one machine.

To drool over all of the blinking, rocking, ear-blasting details, hit up the slideshow below.

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