Accessory maker claims iPhone chargers, cables tested on pre-production unit; skepticism

Accessory maker claims iPhone chargers, cables tested on pre-production unit; skepticism

Though we haven't received word from any other manufacturers indicating shipment of iPhones for testing (some accessory makers are, apparently, being granted testing sessions at Apple's campus to ensure device compatibility), one is already claiming to have gotten its hands on a pre-production iPhone that it is testing in-house.

BoxWave, who is already marketing chargers, synchronization cables, and other accessories that would be impossible to produce without access to an actual iPhone, told us:

"Through our sources, we were able to get a pre-production model to get all the specs of the phone for us to design and manufacture the iPhone accessories."

Specifically, BoxWave is claiming to offer immediate availability of a "miniSync" retractable synchronization cable, a backup battery pack, and a wall/car/airplane charger -- all boasting full iPhone compatibility.

Other manufacturers, however, were skeptical, in fact telling iPhone Atlas that no accessory maker has yet met the requirements for creating a bona fide iPhone charger based on statements made by Apple. A Kensington spokesperson said:

"BoxWave is boasting a dubious claim that their chargers are 'for' the iPhone. From our most recent conversations with Apple (literally this week), no vendor has passed the rigorous requirements of creating a car charger yet.Â

"Will this BoxWave device charge the iPhone? Maybe. But is it a 'Made for iPhone' product, probably not.  Would anyone risk using this non-Made for iPhone product on their brand new $600 iPhone?  Definitely not."

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