A wall version of Tetris for the ultimate fan

Team of engineers sweats out important project

Spark Fun Electronics

The unrelenting ravages of time may have taken their toll on many of us aging Boomers, but one aspect of our misspent youth remains intact: the love for ancient video games.

The nostalgia is so strong at Spark Fun Electronics that a crack team of nine professionals came up with a "Picture Frame Tetris," a wall-sized version of the retro game using 720 colored LEDs and 16 microcontrollers. We're not Tetris experts (being of the Asteroids camp instead), but Technabob breaks down the technicalities in plain english: "The game features a unique interface that controls the movement and rotation of the game pieces by pressing on square backlit LED buttons."

It's an impressive feat, by any measure. But for the sake of the dedicated individuals who spent countless (work) hours on this project, we hope some Spark Fun managers and supervisors were part of the team.

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