A virtual kitchen that's really cool

Use LG's virtual-kitchen tool to explore kitchen design in minutes.

A kitchen remodel takes an enormous amount of planning. Measuring, re-measuring, and losing the sheet with the measurements, browsing tile and appliance shops for hours on end, even more hours spent trying to draw your kitchen layout on graph paper--it's not easy. And if you're in the early stages, you may not really want to put in all that time just yet. Or, you might really want to, but you're not even sure where to start.

The easiest kitchen remodel ever. LG

A nice place to plunge into kitchen design is with a virtual kitchen planner like this one from LG. Experiment with different kitchen and cabinet styles, modify the cabinet finish, choose countertops and floorings, and add appliances.

You don't need to measure your kitchen, because you're not getting a scale diagram--this is more about seeing how the different elements fit together to create a complete picture. It's a nice way to get a quick feel for the various options available, and in a matter of minutes you can figure out if you want to pursue country styles or go for the modern minimalist look.

LG's virtual kitchen is free and easy to use. No registration required, and you can print your designs, but you can't save them at the site.

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