A utensil just for ramen

If you eat a lot of ramen, having one simple utensil that can twist noodles and scoop broth would be nice. The Ramen Spoon + Fork combines both tasks in one tool.

Unica Home

Ramen makes for a quick and cheap meal, so much so that some of us may rely on it as a mainstay of our meal planning. If you fall into that category, the Ramen Spoon + Fork was designed with you in mind. The utensil is meant specifically for eating ramen, with tines you can twirl noodles around and a spoon that allows you to scoop up broth. It isn't a traditional spork, although it does combine the functions of both spoon and fork, but the fork tines are significantly longer than those on the typical spork. Of course, it would be useful for eating many other dishes, too, especially any kind of hearty soup.

The Ramen Spoon + Fork was created in Japan in the hope of eliminating waste by reducing the number of disposable chopsticks used at the Sugakiya Ramen Noodle restaurant chain. It was designed by Masami Takahashi. The utensil is made from stainless steel and can be safely washed in in the dishwasher. It is 7.75 inches long, which is pretty standard and should fit in well with the flatware you already have. The Ramen Spoon + Fork is available for $14 from Unica Home.

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