A TV from George Jetson's den

Hannspree, maker of TV purses, does it again.


To find out how many ways a TV can be designed, one need look no further than Hannspree--maker of any type of set you could fancy, from purses to giant fruit . (The answer, apparently, is infinite.)

Given that track record, the company's latest offering might actually be considered subdued by comparison, albeit contrived. The "Starlight Blue" bears a 3D design inspired by the night sky, with a finish that sparkles when illuminated. The specs alone wouldn't necessarily make this LCD an attractive buy, with 720p resolution and 500:1 contrast ratio, but that's obviously not the main selling point.

What may make it more attractive is its Jetsons-style contours, which would fit appropriately in many mid-century Shag-influenced decors. One can just imagine watching this while martinis are served on a tray by Rosie.

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