A turntable that's worth its weight in gold

U.K.-based Avid releases a $24,000 model.


My first experience with high-end audiophile turntables was during my early hi-fi days, being mesmerized by the soothing sounds when paired with tube pre-power amplifiers and speakers. The Acutus from U.K.-based Avid comes in at the top of that hierarchy with a radical design and matching premium aesthetics. Available in polished chrome or gold-plated finish, it features an elaborate vibration-damping system as well as beefy construction.

The $24,000 kit is also bundled with a smart-looking external power supply. This has universal power compatibility, though we doubt anyone would be crazy enough to jet-set around the world lugging this 19-kilogram mammoth.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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