A trip to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Gallery

The night before the 787's first flight, CNET checks out the Boeing Dreamliner Gallery.

Earlier this week I had the very awesome opportunity to attend the first flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Seattle. This is usually Daniel Terdiman's beat, but knowing that I'm a huge airline geek, CNET let me take a break from cell phones to cover the first flight. Daniel wrapped up the event with blogs and great photos of the take-off and landing--I helped by shooting the take-off video--but I also had the opportunity to visit the Dreamliner Gallery.

The gallery, which is located in Everett, Wash., just near Paine Field where the 787 was built and took off, offers potential customers a chance to check out the Dreamliner's interior features. A series of rooms display various seating arrangements, galleys, lavatories, and crew rest areas. You also can view mockups of the cockpit and a section of the passenger cabin. So for your own glimpse into the Dreamliner Gallery, check out the slideshow below.

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