A toothbrush to light up your mouth

Don't laugh--this could actually work

We're not fond of cliches here at Crave, but this really is one idea that's so crazy it just might work. Making it even more interesting, the product is made in China and distributed by company based in Chile (definitely un-cliche).

Lighted toothbrush

It's a lighted toothbrush. Don't laugh. We're not talking about just any blinking gizmo toy, but a toothbrush with a "high-intensity LED white light" and a built-in mirror on the back of the bristles that distributor Ribalderrama says can make brushing and oral self-examination much easier.

The Chilean company isn't stopping there, either. Trend Hunter says it's working on a travelers' toothbrush that "comes with toothpaste, dental silk (floss) and a toothpick all in the same compact and colourful design package."

If it ever catches on, this could be the biggest change in oral hygiene since the electric toothbrush. But we still won't floss as much as we should.

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