A to-do list slip-up, not new a Google Docs app

Sometimes a to-do list really is a to-do list. An inadvertent posting on the Google Docs blog wasn't a preview of a supposed new online application.

OK, Google watchers, you can slow down your pulse. That to-do list posting on the Google Docs blog appears to have been an innocent mix-up.

Google marketing manager Andrew Chang inadvertently published his to-do list on a blog while testing his posting software. It wasn't a hastily removed preview of a new Google online to-do list application, a possibility some raised.

"I was testing out a feature that allows you to create and edit blog posts in Docs and publish them directly to your blog," Chang said in a follow-up post afterward. "One button click later, my list was out there for the world to see. I've since changed my settings to not post to this blog."

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