A teapot with a twist

Serving a cup of tea can be an art form. Using the Sorapot can help make your tea even more attractive.

The Sorapot Sorapot

The Sorapot is a minimalist, modern teapot. In its beautiful stainless steel and Pyrex form, the Sorapot only holds two cups. But this delicate teapot has plenty going for it. To use the Sorapot, you need to turn it vertically: the handle hinges backwards so you can add loose tea to the glass tube. From there, you put everything back together and fill the pot with water. It may seem a bit more complex than your average teapot, but with most teapots you need extra gizmos and gadgets to be able to brew with loose leaves. The Sorapot uses a sieve to prevent leaves from winding up in your cup.

Unlike many teapots, the Sorapot is lightweight and sturdy. While it is possible to break Pyrex with a little effort, the Sorapot can take far more of a beating than most teapots. Joey Roth, the designer of the Sorapot, actually set out to create a pot that would only improve with use. Because the stainless steel he used in the design is uncoated, the handle will develop a pattern based entirely on how you grasp it. After even a few uses, no two Sorapots will be the same.

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