A smarter barbecue thermometer

The secret to the best barbecue is a high-quality thermometer, like the Oregon Scientific Grill Right Thermometer.

The Oregon Scientific Grill Right Thermometer
The Oregon Scientific Grill Right Thermometer Amazon

If you're dedicated to making great barbecue, you understand the importance of having the right thermometer. Not only do you want a sensitive sensor that will tell you just what temperature your meat is at, but you need something that you won't have to keep walking out to the smoker to check. When you've got a brisket that will spend the whole day in the smoker, you don't want to be running back and forth every 5 minutes. You need a thermometer with a remote that will alert you if you need to be paying attention. The Oregon Scientific Grill Right Thermometer is the right kind of thermometer.

The Oregon Scientific Grill Right Thermometer is a wireless thermometer that works equally well for the oven or for the barbecue. It has a stainless-steel detachable probe that can measure temperatures from 32 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermometer is programmable and it can even verbally warn you of temperature changes in two different settings. You can be up to 330 feet away from the actual probe and still get temperature readings. The Oregon Scientific Grill Right Thermometer is available for $37.29.

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