A smart glove, smartphones, and the Ford Focus: 12 must-see Mobile World Congress videos

The 2014 Mobile World Congress brought us new wireless tech of all kinds and from all corners of the planet. Join CNET for a tour of the top videos from the show floor.

Sarah Tew/CNET
Mobile World Congress is on its last day and the avalanche of new smartphones, tablets, wearable tech, and wireless technology is beginning to slow. Honestly, so much stuff has come out of Barcelona, Spain, (some of which will even go on sale) that's it's difficult to sort through it all. And that's why we did it for you. Scroll down to see CNET's videos of some of the most interesting product, from Samsung, Sony, Nokia and even Ford.

1.First Look: Feature-packed Galaxy S5 scans prints, heart
Samsung's new flagship phone adds intriguing tools to top-tier specs, but no stunning new design.

2. The Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor explained
We talk you through the S5's two most interesting pieces of new hardware, and how they promise to protect your phone, and measure your fitness.

3. The Galaxy S5's new software and camera features
Samsung's new toy has plenty of new tweaks, including a monochrome battery-saving mode. We show you what's new.

4. First Look: Samsung Gear Fit gets its curve on
Samsung's new fitness tracking workout buddy conforms to your wrist while minding your health.

5. First Look: Gear 2, Neo smartwatches grow up
A sleeker, more grown-up pair of smartwatches has swappable bands, longer battery life, and gives Android the boot.

6. Nokia X and X+: Nokia's take on Android, at a low cost
After years of waiting, here's Nokia's first Android smartphone. But those expecting a familiar Android experience are in for a shock

7. P2i Dunkable nanocoating waterproof tech This up-and-coming waterproof tech makes your mobile dunk-proof, without any design sacrifies.

8. Work smarter, not harder with the Fujitsu smart glove
Fujitsu's prototype intelligent glove and AR glasses help you impress your boss -- check out our video to find out how.

9. Keep your eyes on the road with Fujitsu's backseat driving voice assistant
Whether you're an anti-establishment journalist, a tabloid-dodging celebrity or just someone who like a bit of privacy, the GeeksPhone Blackphone keeps you anonymous. Go off the grid with our hands-on video.

10. Pure LiFi transfers data using light
This futuristic data-transfer system sees an LED bulb flickering millions of times per second, transferring data using light instead of radio waves. We explain how in this video.

11. Sony Xperia Z2: A 4K-shooting, waterproof powerhouse
The Sony Xperia Z2 is Sony's latest waterproof flagship, packing a 2.3GHz quad-core processor and a camera that can shoot 4K video.

12. 2015 Ford Focus offers more safety and better looks
Ford chose the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, typically a smartphone and tablet show, to unveil the latest generation of the most popular car in the world. Let's take a look inside.

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