A ride with Horacio Pagani in his Zonda S 7.3

While I was interviewing Horacio Pagani he offered me a go in his very own Zonda. Who was I to say no to not only more face time with the man himself, but a go in the ride he chose to keep?


The Pagani Zonda is a car that captivated millions all over the world, and the one I got a go in was one of the most special.

It's the sixth car Zonda ever built and the first to be presented in all carbon fibre at the International Motor Show in Geneva, and its owner is one Horacio Pagani -- the chap who poured blood, sweat, and tears into the Zonda's production.

I managed to get Pagani away from the confines of his office and into his personal ride for a chat about the car that made him. I also got to have a go in it myself with him sitting next to me. Yes, I was afraid. Enjoy.

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Horacio Pagani takes us for a spin in his own private Zonda

To be allowed to drive a Zonda is an amazing privilege. To be handed the keys to Horacio Pagani's own private Zonda is simply ridiculous. Yet, that's what the XCAR team got to do.

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