A perfect gift if she hearts laptops

The Ego 'Love Edition'

You've undoubtedly noticed a fair number of desperate Valentine's Day pitches from various companies, but this one is the real deal. Say what you will about its aesthetic properties, but Ego-Lifestyles' "Love Edition" laptop is a product designed especially for the holiday--as opposed to those that just have an inscription or some other after-market afterthought.

Finished in pink and red leather, this Ego sports an unmistakable heart on its handmade case of custom leather, according to Sybarites. It's also finished with a red bow and silver heart charm, just in case you missed the rest of the theme. No price or specs have been released, though its features are probably similar to others from the Ego line. But if you really need to make a statement (or amends), there's always the "Otazu Ego Diamond" if you have a spare $350,000 lying around. (Yes, Sparky, that's not a typo.)

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