A new way to glean the Rubik's Cube

Gizmodo is reporting on a Rubik's Cube that's touch screen and has an accelerometer and a button that makes it solve itself. It can purported also teach you how to solve it step by step.


Looking for an '80s pop culture phenomenon with a modern twist? Of course you are, otherwise Transformers could not have made more than $300 million in the U.S. alone. Think smaller though, as in cube-shaped and able to fit in your hand. Of course it's a Rubik's Cube silly!

Gizmodo is reporting on a Rubik's Cube, the TouchCube, that features a touch screen, and has an accelerometer and a button that makes it solve itself. It also can purportedly even teach you how to solve it step by step. The new cube is scheduled for a fall release.

What I remember most about the original Rubik's Cube was that when I switched the colored stickers around (so that it looked like I'd solved it), they never quite looked as flat as they did on a brand new cube. Yes, I'm admitting I was never very good at this thing and had to resort to "special tactics" to impress my friends, some of whom were dumb enough to actually believe that I'd solved it.

I guess that's my problem with a touch-screen Rubik's Cube. Sure it looks pretty and the technology is kind of cool, but with a "solve" button people are actually going to have to watch you solve it in person before they'll believe you did. No more attempting to cheat but not really pulling it off and having only some of your friends believe you.

Hmmm, until, of course, someone comes out with a hack that makes you look like you're solving it as you use it. Haxx0rs, you have your assignment.

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