A new use for your power drill: Eating corn

A remarkably inventive and bizarre YouTube video suggests that power drills can help the hungry on the go.

Revolutionary. NewsinWorld/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I have a friend called Shirley.

She is from very refined stock. One of the results of this is that she can eat corn on the cob with such speed and precision that what remains when she's finished is a perfectly smooth stick.

Not everyone can do this.

Which is why I was especially moved by a YouTube video that suggests a new way to eat corn if not with utter precision, at least with astounding speed.

Here is a gentleman (he might well be French) who places the corn on a drill bit and then, well, inserts it into his power drill.

Then he turns it on.

I wouldn't for a moment suggest that you should try this at home. Or, indeed, anywhere.

But there is something inspiring in the lateral thinking that must have led him to take a simple domestic gadget and find a revolutionary use for it.

I can see an exclusive restaurant -- say Thomas Keller's Per Se in New York or Grant Achatz' Alinea in Chicago -- giving their customers little power drills with which they eat not only corn but also, perhaps, a little quail, a pigeon, or even a kabob.

The human mind has surely seen only a minimum of its potential in action.

The possibilities are infinite, as this gentleman proves.

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