A necktie for music-loving commuters

Thomas Pink's $90 Commuter Tie doubles as an MP3 storage device and comes in hot purple and other non-subtle shades.

Commuter Tie
We might not see this shade on Wall Street bankers anytime soon, but we could picture it on the hipster urban-techie set. Thomas Pink

Gadgetized clothing isn't the newest thing on the catwalk anymore. We've seen jackets and hats with built-in MP3 players and Bluetooth speakers, for example, as well as a coat with pockets for 12 (count 'em, 12) of your favorite tech toys.

But we're pretty sure we've never seen a tech-inspired hot-purple necktie before.

Lucky for you, Thomas Pink's silk woven Commuter Tie--which doubles as a music player storage device--comes in other colors too, including blue, green, orange, and red, as well as a more subdued gray for the MP3-toting investment bankers out there.

The tie accommodates the new iPod Nano and other smaller music players. Part of the U.K. shirtmaker's autumn/winter line, the tie was previously only available as a limited edition, but now is tying one on (see what I did there?) and selling more broadly for a you'd-better-really-love-music price of $90.

As a kind of fun little gimmick, the Thomas Pink site lists a series of Commuter Tie-worthy music tracks for trips to and from the office. "To" examples: Work To Do (Average White Band); Money For Nothing (Dire Straits); Big Time (Peter Gabriel). "From" examples: Friday I'm In Love (The Cure); Rush Hour Soul (Supergrass); Drive My Car (The Beatles). Unfortunately, free labor-related MP3s are not part of the deal.

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