A motorized barstool to liven up the commute

It supposedly can reach 30 mph.

Note the 'cup' holder Flying Barstools

We didn't think it was possible, but we've finally come across a conveyance that outdoes the " Armchair Cruiser ." In the tradition of the motorized cooler , ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the "Flying Barstool."

OK, so maybe "flying" is an exaggeration, but Lussorian does say it can hit a top speed of 30 mph on the asphalt. To avoid any confusion, we're talking about the new model with a 6-horsepower Suburu engine, as opposed to its 4-horsepower predecessor.

Best of all are the options, which include "rear light, front light, foot pegs, pin stripping, tag-along trailer, and custom seat by Psycho Seat Co." And for you outdoorsy types, be sure to check out the "Off-Road Tire Package."

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