A motorized barstool to liven up the commute

It supposedly can reach 30 mph.

Note the 'cup' holder Flying Barstools

We didn't think it was possible, but we've finally come across a conveyance that outdoes the "Armchair Cruiser." In the tradition of the motorized cooler, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the "Flying Barstool."

OK, so maybe "flying" is an exaggeration, but Lussorian does say it can hit a top speed of 30 mph on the asphalt. To avoid any confusion, we're talking about the new model with a 6-horsepower Suburu engine, as opposed to its 4-horsepower predecessor.

Best of all are the options, which include "rear light, front light, foot pegs, pin stripping, tag-along trailer, and custom seat by Psycho Seat Co." And for you outdoorsy types, be sure to check out the "Off-Road Tire Package."

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