A lost cause, one way or the other

The latest George Ou blog war.

The Macalope knows next to nothing about Vista DRM, so he's not really qualified to weigh in on George Ou's latest -- surprise! -- blog war.

But he does know a thing or two about dealings with George Ou and he can solidly confirm this particular point made by Peter Gutmann in his commentary noting he'll not be taking the time to respond to Ou further:

...the string of flames in private email have been particularly childish...

And it's not just the Macalope's personal experience, it's also that of other bloggers and journalists he knows who have dealt with Ou.

Fellow ZDNet blogger Ed Bott takes Ou's side and the horned one couldn't help but chuckle at his attack on Gutmann:

When Microsoft prepared a response, he had the time to compare them to Nazis and violent street criminals.

It's a good thing Ou's never done the same.


Perhaps what Gutmann needs to do is supply the slides to some other parties who haven't already given their opinion on material they haven't seen.

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