A lake on Saturn's moon Titan?

Photos from NASA's Cassini spacecraft show a lake-like feature on Titan, a moon of Saturn.

Credit: NASA

The government agency said in a statement that the "lake" seems to have a shoreline indicative of Earth-bound bodies of liquid, though it could be long since dried up. Another possibility is that it's a sinkhole or long-dormant mouth of a volcano.

On the Cassini imaging site, team leader Carolyn Porco writes that it looks "like the fresh water shorelines of Earth we might have played on as children on a summer's day. Titan summer, however, is -300 degrees F, and it is not water filling this striking feature. Located in the cloudiest region of Titan and presumably the most likely place to find depressions filled by methane rains, this feature, the size of Lake Ontario, has set imaginations aflame."


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