A keyboard without the keys

OrbiTouch uses two "domes" instead to type.


How's this for weirdness: A keyboard with no keys. No, it's not an invention from Yuri Geller or any other spoon-bending psychics. It's a real product called the "OrbiTouch" that has been around for a few years but is enjoying some renewed attention, perhaps because navigation by way of the cliched Minority Report touch screen has yet to become a reality.

Rather than typing with the usual keys, it works with two domes that can be maneuvered into quadrants of letters, numbers, and symbols, according to Dvice. The magic orbs then can supposedly be slid into segments of colors that correspond with the desired keys. It sounds something like a high-tech Ouija board.

As interesting as this sounds, we'd probably pass on it. Not just because of the $400 price tag, but because we generally need to type more than three or four words a day.

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