A keyboard skin for Photoshoppers

XSKN's FK MB Midnight skin labels Photoshop shortcuts right there on your keyboard.

There's this guy in the office, Vincent, who has a really fancy, colorful keyboard. It's because he does video editing and stuff. The keyboard has all the Final Cut Pro shortcuts labeled on it and a fancy jog wheel and knobs and buttons and more knobs and I think it also purifies water.


Vincent just sits there smirking at his desk, basking in the glow of his majestic keyboard. I call him Johnny Fancykeys, but that's just to cover up my intense jealousy.

I don't use Photoshop much, and I don't own an MacBook or a MacBook Pro. But if I did, I'd buy XSKN's FK MB Midnight keyboard skin. That way, I could put a big ol' sticker on my keyboard with all the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts printed on them. It doesn't come with knobs or a jog wheel, but I don't think you need either of those when using Photoshop. Nevertheless, it'd make my keyboard all colorful and ooh-la-la and such.

Then I would challenge Johnny Fancykeys to a keyboard-off, win in a landslide, and be awarded a "Mr. Best Keyboard in the Office" sash.


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