A keg cooler for survivalists

Company expands "MyFridge" line from wine to beer.


If some digital wine coolers are the subject of dubious distinction, perhaps their manufacturers should expand their product lines. Take Waeco, for instance. Not only does it cater to beverages of the grape, but it pays homage to hops and barley as well.

Its "MyFridge" line includes a keg cooler that "utilizes the century-old, well-proven principle of traditional broaching instead of pumping the beer needlessly through hoses inside the cooler." The appliance uses a "simple aeration mechanism" that keeps its precious contents at optimum temperatures while providing a more sanitary way to dispense it, Appliancist says.

The best part, if it works as advertised, is that the cooler will function anywhere at any time, without the need for any CO2 cartridges. Can you say Burning Man?

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