A homing device for the absent-minded

Loc8tor can find anything, as long as you tag it


Why couldn't we have had one of these last month when we lost our cell phone? Or how about last week, when our car keys mysteriously disappeared? And about the dog...

Anyway, even less-addled individuals would undoubtedly find good use for the "Loc8tor," which offers some hope for the possession-challenged among us. Shiny Shiny says the handheld device comes with 24 tags, each about the size of a fat paper clip, that can be attached to your prized possessions and/or loved ones if necessary. When any of them are out of a designated range of up to 600 feet, the Loc8tor will beep and then act as a digital compass to guide you to the misplaced item.

The pricing depends on what kind of package you want and how many tags you need, but you can get a full system for $100. That's not a bad investment, considering the alternatives.

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