A help desk for Symbian cell phones

The remote-access tech support tool for cell phones adds compatibility with Symbian handsets.

LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile

Cell phone users might never be aware that LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile even exists, though most should be pleased it does. The remote-access app from the makers of the popular LogMeIn family (including LogMeIn Free) are back with a feature-rich tool that's custom-built for peering into broken cell phones.

I got a preview of the app at work on Symbian phones at the CTIA 2008 Wireless show in Las Vegas this week (it's already available for Windows Mobile phones). I was impressed with how well LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile organized the phone's file system for quick fixing, while also giving customers enough information about the download process and session activity to dispel qualms of letting a stranger root around the guts of their phones. Letting the users completely terminate a session is a show of good faith.

If this remote-access app sounds like a Geek Squad for mobile phones, there's good reason--LogMeIn is the power behind the Geeks' meanderings into corrupted PCs. Soon, it could be the key to a faster fix for you, and your little phone, too.


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