A god in the palm of your hand

The phenomenal God of War series will be coming to cell phones this summer.

The blood flows on your phone. joystiq.com

In case you missed the announcement, Sony is bringing its phenomenal God of War series to mobile phones with an original adventure, God of War: Betrayal.

The Playstation 2games were tremendous hits because of amazing graphics, over-the-top gore, and the utterly satisfying combat engine. Can those really translate to a mobile phone?

From the looks of things, it can. The graphics obviously can't be the same, but Betrayal looks like a pretty, Super Nintendo-style, side scroller. And don't think Kratos will ease up on his enemies just because he's on a cell phone; there's blood-splattering attacks and brutal finishing moves on the mobile version. The controls will take some getting used to (as they'll be mapped to the keypad), but the transition shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

There's no official word on when it comes out, but it shouldn't be too long before you're decapitating your enemies while you're waiting for the bus.

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