A game table that can preserve matrimony

Hide your arcade console in style.

Surface Tension

Marriage can be so difficult. Just when you thought you've found eternal happiness, your spousal unit complains about every little thing. Take your latest purchase, for example: Who could object to a full-size arcade machine as the perfect living-room accessory?

Because Crave cares about you and your domicile happiness, we offer a solution from Surface Tension in its "Multi-Game Arcade Table." This cleverly constructed console (if it can be called that) lets you relive your misspent Space Invaders youth in an industrial design with a sleek metal finish suitable for the swankiest of lofts.

There is just one detail that shouldn't be overlooked, according to Uncrate: It costs $6,650. But that's nothing compared with the going rate of most California divorce lawyers these days.

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