A game table for your kid's posture, sort of

We're not sure what the orthopedist would say about it.


If your child is spending so much time with games that you're concerned about ergonomics, perhaps posture isn't the first thing that needs to be corrected. But every parent has different priorities, so here's something for those who care more about orthopedics than their progeny's brains turning to mush.

The "Synergy Arcade Cabinet" supposedly keeps your child upright while playing on what looks like an updated version of the old Pac-Man tables found in fern bars of the '70s. We're not sure how it would truly improve posture when they're bent over with face pressed against glass, but you do get a few more technical features for the $5,700 price tag. The machine can also be used as a PC and comes with a built-in DVD player, MP3 jukebox and sound system, according to BornRich.

And from a chiropractic standpoint, we suppose it's better than the " Slouchpod InteractiveXT " for posture, if it's name is any indication.

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