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Best of CES 2007 awards, call for entries

You slackers haven't even begun your shopping for the holidays this year, right? Well, we're already busy gathering info on gadgets you're gonna want next year. That's right, Best of CES for 2007. So if you build gear, get your boss to enter your company's greatest awaited gizmo.

The Zen Vision:M shown here was Best of Show at CES in 2006 and drew hundreds of comments. The biggest complaint? Not enough advertising for the product.

Here's the entire winner list from Best of CES 2006 in Las Vegas, as well as videos. Among them, the AVIC-Z1 is still extremely popular among people into after-market car stereos. Other popular items include the Denon AVR-2807, Samsung HL-S5679W HDTV and, of course, the Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology.

Watch this space and we'll let you know how many entries we get for Best of CES. And even if you're in Vegas, we'll leave you more time for off-line gambling, which is still legal.

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by Brian Bennett