A dishwasher up to anything

The new Trifecta dishwasher from Jenn-Air comes with time-saving and improved cleaning features that stand out.

The Trifecta Dishwasher Jenn-Air

It's easy to think that a dishwasher is just a dishwasher, but just a few minutes with the new Trifecta dishwasher from Jenn-Air will convince you otherwise. It comes with a brand-new washing system that allows you to control every aspect of how it cleans your dishes, down to which racks actually receive water. The cleaning cycles range from the very gentle china/crystal cycle to a heavy wash cycle suitable for pots and pans. Even better, it can carry out the wide variety of cleaning options silently.

In addition to its bells and whistles, the Trifecta is Energy Star qualified and uses an innovative filter design to clean dishes with reduced water. The filter system also reduces wear and tear of the dishwasher, letting you go longer between manual cleanings. The Trifecta Dishwasher also incorporates sensors that allow it to adjust wash cycles based on load size and food particle levels, as well as effectively manage both water and energy use. The Trifecta Dishwasher is available in two models, with black, white, and stainless steel styles standard across both models. Other styles available include floating glass black and oiled bronze, depending on the model. Some features also vary depending on the model.

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