A 'diamond dust' TV stand for $142,000

It has LED stripes that light up too. Classy.


Finally, a media cabinet for the world's most expensive TV. Flatlift has created a suite of media furniture that includes 50 carats of "diamond dust" sprinkled throughout its finish.

The high-gloss cabinets include automated drawers designed to accommodate everything from media components to liquor. The dust supposedly flashes when illuminated, an effect matched only by the LED stripes that can "change colors according to your mood," according to BornRich.

And of course, as its name would imply, Flatlift has built in a motorized life the TV itself in the back of the central piece of the set, which totals about $142,000. That, by the way, is even more than the aforementioned "Yalos Diamond" TV, which listed for $130,000 when first reported last year. Which raises the question: If you spend that much money for a TV, do you really want to hide it in a cabinet?

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