A Croc for your mobile phone

The empire expands beyond footwear.

Shiny Shiny

We're of two minds about Crocs. On one hand (foot?), they're just about the ugliest type of hoof-wear we've ever seen; on the other, they're still not as bad as flip-flops. In any case, if you thought the holed shoes were taking over the world, there's some new evidence to support the theory: The ubiquitous footwear maker is expanding into--of all things--phone accessories.

That's right, now you can have your beloved Crocs with you at all times even when it's not summer. These handset holders have their own heel strap that supposedly keeps your celly secure, according to Shiny Shiny, though the holes may be problematic in inclement weather. But we think the real reason for creating these--aside from making its owners look like complete fools--is to grow the true empire in power: Jibbitz.

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