A car twice as Smart

Smart unveils the second generation of its ForTwo car.


Smart introduced the second generation of its Smart ForTwo car in Germany last night. This version of the car will be sold in the U.S. beginning in the first quarter of 2008. Smart upped the crash protection to comply with U.S. government standards, and gave the little car a range of more powerful engines. With 1-liter and 3-cylinders, these engines pump out 61 horsepower, 71 horsepower, and 84 horsepower. Not exactly stunning amounts of power considering current cars sold in the U.S., but the ForTwo isn't exactly a big car, either. It's designed to seat two and be very easy to park in a crowded urban environment. Oh, and its gas tank may need to be filled occasionally.


Daimler-Chrysler, the company that owns Smart, signed a deal with United Auto Group to sell the cars in the U.S. United Auto Group has 173 dealerships in the U.S. that sell a wide variety of car makes, but the ForTwo will probably only be sold at dealerships in or near large cities. If you just can't wait a year and a half, Zap sells the current model of the ForTwo in the U.S.


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