A car for the eco-minded bootlegger

Electric auto takes its cue from Bonnie and Clyde.

Red Ferret

Cars that run on alternative sources of energy needn't look like one of those sober vehicles produced by Eastern Bloc countries at the height of the Cold War economy. At the same time, we're not sure if this Chinese-made model is headed in the right direction either.

The "STM3004 Electric Car" looks vaguely like something Bonnie and Clyde would have ridden, Tommy guns ablaze, with state troopers on their tail. But this version wouldn't make much of a getaway, as Red Ferret notes, as it tops out at 28 miles per hour and has a range of only 50 miles on a 7-hour charge. If it's headed for the jammed streets of Beijing, however, that speed should be plenty.

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