A camera designed to sell you home (or not)

Wider lens captures more landscape but not resolution

RealPIX Camera

Only a few years ago, Crave spent more than $1,000 for a 1-megapixel camera that weighed more than a brick. Today, we'd probably be lucky to get $25 for it on Craigslist.

With the price of digital cameras dropping like broadcast celebrities, it makes sense that manufacturers try whatever they can to separate themselves from the pack, catering to specific types of consumers. But real-estate agents?

"RealPIX" is a camera designed specifically for agents and homeowners in need of a quick snapshot that captures as much house as possible in a single frame. It accomplishes this with a lens that's wider than that of most other cameras, according to Electronista. But with no zoom and a resolution of only 0.3 megapixels, the $299 price seems awfully high. Unless, of course, the subject is a house that should not be seen that closely.

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