A budget 20-incher from Lenovo

The L2060 Wide is low-priced, but can it stand up to the performance delivered by the aforementioned HP and LG?

Glossy black displays are the "it" thing this monitors season. Actually, I don't think these ever go out of style. Lenovo

You know you're an old-school computer geek when you catch yourself referring to Lenovo products as "IBM" from time to time. Probably even more old-school if you don't catch yourself. Sometimes it's difficult to shake things you were taught in your formative years. Kind of like going from WWF to WWE, but I digress.

The design for the Lenovo L2060 Wide doesn't really stay true to the usual house design of IBM--I mean, Lenovo monitors. It actually has a lot in common--looks-wise--with the Lenovo L215p released last year, which at the time had quick a striking look.

The L2060 Wide is one of the few 20-inch monitors I've tested, the HP 2009m and the LG W2053TQ being the other most recent ones.

The L2060 Wide is low-priced (as low as $135), but can it stand up to the performance delivered by the aforementioned HP and LG? Find out in our full review of the Lenovo L2060 Wide. For more monitor reviews, the monitor hub awaits.

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