A breakfast maker that's a great multitasker

4-in-1 breakfast machine by Sunpentown steams, toasts, brews, and fries simultaneously

I'm a person who treasures my sleep. I'm also a person who can't start the day without a full breakfast, and so I'm constantly facilitating a battle between these two opposing forces of sleep and morning hunger. I rarely have enough time while I'm eating breakfast to read more than a couple of pages of the newspaper and check my e-mail, and so I find myself often being out of touch with current events and my friends and family. Although the morning multiple snooze and hot breakfast routine has become a standard in my life, it sure would be nice to have a few extra minutes.

Done and done, says the 4-in-1 Breakfast Maker by Sunpentown. It packs the breakfast power of four machines in one, so I can get my beauty sleep, cook a hearty breakfast, and still have time left over to read up on what's going on in the world.

The multipurpose breakfast machine boasts a 10-liter toaster oven, a 6-cup coffee maker, a nonstick frying pan, and a steaming tray. The toaster oven has a timer on it as well, so I can throw on my clothes while my toast is cooking. The addition of a steam tray is although perfect for my health-conscious side, since I can include freshly steamed veggies with breakfast (precut the night before, of course).

The space-saver is also perfect for urban apartments like the one I have in Brooklyn, since it packs the same cooking punch into a much smaller package. So, instead of stacking four appliances on top of each other on metal baker's racks, I can keep one compact breakfast powerhouse on my countertop.

The Sunpentown 4-in-1 Breakfast Maker is available for $80.

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