A big brick of a Nextel phone

The Motorola i365 takes us back to the glory days of Nextel.

The Motorola i365 is a beast of a phone. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Last week, Motorola announced the new i365 for Sprint Nextel, and Wednesday at CTIA Fall 2008 Sprint showed the phone off to the world. We can only say that it's a Nextel phone through and through. It's big, bulky, and built to last. It even has the external antenna that so many other cell phones have ditched.

Features are about what you'd expect from an iDEN phone. Goodies include, support for the Direct Connect push-to-talk network, Nextel's second line feature, Bluetooth, and GPS. As we said before , iDEN is in no danger of disappearing. The i365 and the Motorola i576 are two of four new iDEN phones that Sprint Nextel is promising before the end of the year.

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