A $47,000 turntable for Coneheads

The luxury record player looks like a museum piece made of three cones.

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Now this is the way to go. If you're going to get into this whole game of esoteric turntables , you might as well go all the way--and that's precisely what Montegiro Lusso has done with its latest offering.

The system is made of three cones consisting of aluminum and acrylic layers, giving it the zebra-stripe look. It also has a titanium cartridge, a synchronous motor, and a Da Vinci Nobile carbon-fiber arm, according to Gizmodo. (Speaking of Da Vinci, this may be the most unusual design since we saw the " AAS-Gabriel " museum-worthy turntable last year.)

Now the bad news--the price: $47,000. That's right. But remember, in the world of exotic audio gear, it can always be worse .

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