A $4.88 plasma TV?

The Associated Press reported on a man who paid $4.88 for a plasma TV at Wal-Mart.

Sanyo Plasma TV
Is this plasma worth $4.88? Walmart.com

Could it be a rounding error? Deep discounts? Rebates? Try none of the above: The Associated Press reported today that a man in Monroe, La., paid just $4.88 for a Sanyo plasma TV (normally $984) at a Wal-Mart self-checkout stand. The 23-year-old suspect allegedly switched the TV's original price tag with a tag from another product. When store security stopped the man on his way out, he produced a receipt for the full value of the TV.

The glitch? The man was at the Monroe Wal-Mart store, while the receipt came from the West Monroe location. Apparently he had purchased the same TV at the other store and planned to return it while keeping the "cheaper" version. The criminal mastermind was arrested on a charge of felony theft. Don't try this one at home, kids.

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