A $120 radio for $4,200, with crystal

You get what you pay for?


When we think of gadgets and crystal, the name Swarovski invariably comes to mind. (We hope this doesn't say more about us than anything else.) So it is with great pleasure that we're able to mention an adorned item that doesn't have anything to do with the dreaded House of S.

The "Tivoli Model One" radio is encased in handcrafted crystal designed by Scandanavian artist Per B. Sundberg, according to Techabob, in limited-edition form. Very limited, in fact--only 30 of them are available at ScandinavianDesign, and for good reason. They cost $4,200 each.

That's a pretty high premium considering that the radio itself goes for $120. And it's not even digital, though it does play MP3 files. We never thought we'd say this, but maybe Swarovski isn't so bad after all.

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