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Apple co-founder Woz calls wearables 'a hard sell,' wants bigger screen

Steve "Woz" Wozniak thinks Apple is poised to take wearables to the next level. But unlike smartphones and tablets, wearables may prove a tougher sell to consumers -- including him.

Samsung's Gear S, a smartwatch with curved display, 3G

Tizen-based smartwatch sports a 2-inch super AMOLED display and 3G connectivity.

​Google goes public with security audits to ease corporate concerns

The tech titan makes available to the public for the first time two independent security audits, as it works to prove its commitment to customer data protection.

Google promises speed, security in 64-bit Chrome on Windows
Time Warner Cable suffers massive outage nationwide
Amazon proves it's serious about gaming with Twitch buy
Apple's iPhone 6: Sorting through fact and fiction

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